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Organizations recognized worldwide as great employers do not come to this situation by chance. The growth of the company is the result of a realistic and exciting vision, mission and after disciplined and systematic effort. The employer applies the same meticulousness and discipline when managing the brand reputation.
You can define and judge the company with people working in it. Large companies are attractive because they hire talented people. Talented people come to these companies because they feel that the payment and career opportunities offered to them are better than other organizations.
The best companies also have an X factor. They endeavor to create a unique organizational culture and brand identity, as they strive to provide excellent valuable products and services. This is a refined feeling for them and a wonderful excitement.
This book  includes a large number of case studies, provides a step-by-step guide on how to define qualitative X factor attributes as a litmus paper, how to construct an attractive and happy business culture technically, and how to recruit talented people to go forward for above and beyond.
I hope you enjoy case studies and best practice examples we've chosen for you.
Enjoy reading.

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