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Marka: LİKYA
Ürün Kodu: ISBN 9786257097222
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How did you get to your current situation in life? How did you arrive at your current job, or field of study? Or are you doing neither at this point? Are you happy? Why, or why not?

This book aims to help you answer those questions. More importantly, this book aims to help you decide if you want to change anything. And if so, what, and how?

Our lives generally go on for at least 70-80 years, often much more. If we take good care of ourselves, we can live over 100 years. Most of us enter established lives and routines by around age 30, then we just continue, pretty much on autopilot, for decades. Do you just want to cruise through life on autopilot, only to look back decades from now and realize you never really “lived?”

I ask you: How do you want to spend the rest of your time here, and what are you willing to do about it?

Hopefully this book will help you establish some answers to these questions!

Yazar Stephen Moroz
ISBN 978-625-7097-22-2
Barkod 9786257097222
Sayfa sayısı 96

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